Each of our bottles is defined and empowered by a mindfully chosen soul ingredient. A wonderful blessing from nature.

Betula alba

Betula alba, also affectionately known as white birch, is a silver-hued tree with a vividly green foliage that magically turns golden every autumn- truly an emblem of life. Known for its purifying, detoxifying and mild exfoliating benefits, the white birch-infused cleanser is an essential to your morning and evening routine.

 Product: PURIFY - White Birch Cleanser

Rosa alba

Produced through steam distillation of rare Rosa alba petals delicately handpicked from Bulgaria, our white rose hydrosol exhibits freshly cut roses with an enchanting, sweet floral aroma. While it maintains skin’s water and oil levels at a perfect balance, it’s also known for replenishing moisture and reducing fine lines in dry skins.

Product: REFRESH - White Rose Toner

Citrus aurantium

Every spring Citrus Aurantium, or bitter orange tree, produces delicate neroli flowers with a delightful yet gentle citrus aroma. These small white blossoms are then carefully handpicked and steam distilled into our neroli hydrosol. Calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory, it’s especially friendly for pregnancy or any sensitive and stressful skin conditions. 


 Product: CALM - Neroli Toner

Arundinaria gigantea

Arundinaria gigantea, a family of small bamboos with abundant and patterned calm shealths, are found along the river and streams in Indiana. Our bamboo biowater is extracted through a series of grinding and filtration procedures. And apart from a symbol of serenity and goodness, bamboo also exhibits excellent hydrating and moisture retention effects.


Product: NURTURE - Bamboo Hydrator

Pinus succinifera

When ancient crude resin of Pinus succinifera is heated up to 200 °C, it melts into an exotic, precious oil extract with a distinctive floral-woody aroma. Considered as an important healing remedy by the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, white amber resin embodies alertness and a sense of renewal. Today it’s highly valued for its healing effects in correcting dark spots, boosting skin’s natural healing power and restoring radiance in skin. 
Product: GLOW - White Amber Oil Serum

Nymphaea lotus

A distillation product of the wild harvested flowers of Nymphaea lotus, our white lotus extract carries a unique aroma that evokes smoothness and clarity. Linoleum acids, flavonoids and proteins also help locking in moisture, reducing transepidermal water loss and giving skin a plump and smooth finish.

Product:  SOFTEN - Lotus Squalane Serum

Phalaenopsis amabilis

Phalaenopsis amabilis, a symbol of pure beauty and exotic mystique, is the origin of our white orchid extract. The nutrient-rich extract, obtained by the pressing of delicate white orchid petals, protects your skin against daily pollutions, blue-light exposure and oxidative stress, while keeping it hydrated at the same time.

Product: BLOOM - Orchid Day Lotion

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Extracted from the magnificent night-blooming flowers of Epiphyllum oxypetalum, our night queen extract carries a truly unique sweet floral aroma with subtle honey undertones. Blessed with minerals like Calcium, Zinc and Magnesium, it is itself a restorative night treatment that repairs, remodels, and firms skin.

Product: REBORN - Night Queen Lotion

Vetiveria zizanioides

Reminiscent of an opulent smoky and woody character, Vetiveria zizanioides or vetiver brings tranquility to both our body and soul. Native to India, the grass plant has the unique habit of growing downwards and forming tangled roots underground to hold the soil. Extract from these roots carry soothing, calming properties and a scent all men and women will indulge in.

Product: UNWIND - Vetiver Deodorant

Magnolia alba

Magnolia alba, more affectionately known as white champaca, grows profusely on the land of South-east Asia. This wonderfully fragrant flower requires attentive care year-round, yet rewards with sweet, creamy blossoms of excellent skin lightening and pore minimising effects.


Product: CARESS - Champaca Deodorant

Melaleuca alternifolia

On the abundant soil of Australia is the evergreen Melaleuca alternifolia shrubs where we extract our very tea tree essence. Long celebrated by the Aborigines as a natural skincare remedy, it is now known for its purifying and antibacterial properties.


 Product: PLAY - Tea Tree Deodorant