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User experience for the win

With an emphasis on UI/UX design, the new look Shell V-Power Racing Team App now puts the user in the driver seat.

The Brief

When presented with an opportunity to reimagine a product, our creative juices really get flowing. So when the Shell Racing Team asked for suggestions to improve their app we thought, ‘why not revamp the whole thing!’ Now, this idea was either going to be received well or kicked to the curb. Luckily for us, the client was totally on board and receptive to shaking things up.

The end goal? To create a more exciting and engaging app that would provide an enhanced user experience for new and loyal Shell Racing fans.

Off and Racing

Like any agency worth their salt, we know that user experience is EV-ERY-THING. You want anyone who lands on your website, app etc. to have the best experience possible so they come back for more. Simples! With this in mind, there were a few key areas from a functionality and aesthetic standpoint that needed to be addressed.

Super Sleek

Let’s start with the looks. When users first download an app, they’ll usually decide within minutes if they will keep it on their device and continue to use it. So first impressions count! To ensure the app was as compelling as can be, a few stylistic tweaks were made.

To start, it was clear the app needed to incorporate a lot more imagery and video, especially on the home screen and promotional banners. Thinking of today’s mobile users, we knew this had to be the priority over chunks of text. The app’s design and colours were also updated, making it more eye-catching and easier for users to take in content. And finally, a more personalised home screen experience was created which highlighted content and features suited to the user. All these little changes really helped to modernise the look and feel of the app.

User Friendly Design

Now, an app can look as pretty as it likes. But if it’s not functional and easy to use, you may as well forget about it! In order to enhance the overall user experience, we updated the user interface (UI) too. The main menu was restructured to be more navigation friendly. Key pages were simplified so content would be more easily digestible. A little more fine-tuning, and you’ve got a responsive, easy and enjoyable to use app!

Content to Keep ‘em Coming Back for More

It goes without saying that most users of the Shell V-Power Racing Team App are super into cars. More than just a platform to check race results and redeem Shell fuel discounts, the app needed to celebrate the team and their vehicles. So, after a thorough content overhaul, the app was transformed into a one-stop-shop for behind the scenes access, exclusive news and footage. This resulted in a much more exciting and engaging experience for race fans to enjoy.

The Finish Line

When it comes to crafting a great app experience, the secret sauce really is equal parts good UI/UX design. Focusing on these crucial aspects meant we could help create a cracking platform that users enjoy using. And now, we can now proudly say that the new and improved Shell V-Power Racing Team App is now available to download from the app store. Check it out for yourselves racing fans!

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With an emphasis on UI/UX design, the new look Shell V-Power Racing Team App now puts the user in the driver seat.

Ellen Hill
Social Media & Content Manager