Sense Wrapping Paper

Reducing waste and recycling ideas

At Sense we hate waste. So we wondered whether we could convey our Yuletide greetings via a re-usable medium.

We sent three not-so-wise men, a weekend carpenter and a lapsed virgin in search of the answer and they gave birth to the idea of Sense Xmas Wrapping.

In what has become a long-cherished tradition dating back some 5000 weeks, Sense’s creative minds take up the yearly challenge to create unexpected variations of this often-overlooked medium.

Winning designs have included cruelly comedic illustrations, Jeff Koons-esque mash-ups and even provided a final resting place for crucified creative concepts.

Sometimes charming, occasionally confronting and often bewildering, Sense Xmas Wrapping is guaranteed to replace “Ho! Ho! Ho!” with “Huh? Huh? Huh?”

What we did: