True Wellness is a nutritionally based, European Biological Medicine Clinic. The True Wellness philosophy centers on the understanding that today's health challenges arise from the many layers of toxic health stressors and lack of proper nutrition. Over time these health stressors cause a breakdown in a person's immune system and a disruption in the natural self-regulation or compensation of the body. As the disruption of these systems continue, they will  lead to symptoms and eventual illness and disease.

Much like snow flakes piling up, one upon another, these health stressors overwhelm the body's ability to naturally heal itself. There is never just one thing responsible for an individual's illness or disease. The underlying cause of illness is rather a cascade or a snowstorm of physical, environmental and toxic emotional health stressors. True Wellness focuses on stopping this storm of overburden and the "layering of snow flakes" and then clearing away the toxic build-up from the body,  a person's health and wellness is naturally restored.  This process is as unique for each individual as their fingerprint.  

Each Client undergoes individualized and computerized analysis which brings into focus all the pieces of an individual's healthcare puzzle. Then, specialized personal wellness programs, therapies and remedies are specifically tailored to support and restore each individual's own healing capacity. 

Coupled with whole-body dentistry (when appropriate) by our local, toxic-free dentist, this European Biological model to health and wellness has been proven to be extremely effective in Europe....and, now here in America.  Our expertise and devotion to this science, coupled with a client's commitment to a True Wellness program, is the key to whole-body healing.


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