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True Wellness

True Wellness is a nutritionally based European Biological Medicine Clinic. Our approach centers around treating the individual, not just the symptoms or diagnosis. We do this by using a variety of modalities, designed to support the individual's own healing capacity. We know that when properly supported the body is capable of handling daily environmental, emotional and toxic stress.

Our method has been proven to be very effective and can produce profound results. Our expertise and devotion coupled with the client's commitment to dietary suggestions, lifestyle changes and education regarding their health and wellness is the map to whole body wellness.  Our non-invasive approach offers adults and children changes to their biology through allergy desensitization, whole food nutrition, body centered therapies and emotional release technique.  When necessary, invasive approached like scar therapy, IVs, neural therapy and medical reviews are available as well.  We are minimalist however, we feel that less is more in shifting the body to allow it to heal with it's own devices, once blockades are removed and nutrition or information (homeopathy, isopathy) are included. 

Personalized wellness programs insure that each client's health needs and goals are being met.  Our dynamic staff are committed to offering clients the very best in European Biological healthcare. 

This site does not provide medical advice. All information provided is intended for education only and should only be used in that manner. This information is not intended nor suitable to be a replacement for professional medical treatment. There is no replacement for personal medical treatment to a specific client or condition, except from your personal physician. True Wellness is not responsible for the misuse, misinformation or otherwise from personal use of this site.